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Agencies already are pared to the bone, said Jane Herms, executive director of the Family Nurturing Center in Florence, which specializes in counseling, education and family strengthening programs for families dealing with child sexual and physical abuse.

United Way funds gives the center about $154,000 — about 20 percent of the budget. “We’re seen across-the-board cuts,” Hermes said. “Donations are down. Government funds are down. Before when we got a 2- or 3-percent cut we might have been able to absorb it. We assist you any type of settlement or Conveyancing including, vacant land, houses, apartments, commercial, retail and business settlements. Now there’s nowhere to go.” Her agency has been encouraging its board members to go back to their companies and try to raise additional funds. “Last year one of our board members went back to his company and told them he was raising his contribution by $200 and challenged his associates to do the same. They raised an additional $6,000 in six hours,” she said.


“People can make a difference. The gift doesn’t have to be huge.” officials are urging state legislators to keep enterprise zones in Covington and Campbell County that attract and retain businessesby giving them tax breaks. “In 1979, Covington was the most distressed city in the United States,” Covington Mayor Butch Callery told legislators Tuesday. “There’s been $700 million of capital investment and 6,400 new jobs created in Covington because of enterprise zones. It’s been a god-send to Covington,” Callery said. Enterprise zones were created in the 1980s by the Kentucky legislature to last 20 years. Covington’s zone expires at the end of 2004 and Campbell County’s at the end of 2007.

The two zones are among 10 in Kentucky that were designed by the legislature to encourage companies to hire chronically unemployed people in economically depressed areas. Companies in the zones that meet cer<147,1,1>tain criteria are eligible for a variety of tax breaks.

The Kentucky legislature will probably decide in 2003 or 2004 whether to keep the zones, said state Rep. Harry Moberly Jr., D-Richmond, co-chairman of the legislature’s Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue. Thirty committee members gathered Tuesday at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington to hear local officials extol the benefits of the zones. “Enterprise zones have been a major factor in the success we’ve enjoyed in Northern Kentucky and they need to be renewed,” said Campbell County Judge-Executive Steve Pendery.

Kenton County Judge-Executive Dick Murgatroyd told the legislators: “I hope you see fit to extend this program. We’ve created more than 200 businesses of all sizes and 7,700 citizens enjoy employment opportunities because of enterprise zones.” “We encourage you to continue enterprise zones in this region because it works. There are 60 Enterprise Zone operations in Newport,” added Newport Mayor Tom Guidugli.

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A three-person committee comprised of Florence Mayor Diane Whalen, Florence business owner Tom Gill, who has been awarded stadium naming rights, and Enzweiler chose the patriotic theme. “We wanted something that the Northern Kentucky community could rally around and be happy with,” Enzweiler said. “Mr. Tom Gill is very patriotic, the ownership group and the city is as well, and we think that would be a good representation of the area.”

The team is expected to begin play next spring in a 4,000-seat stadium called Tom Gill Chevrolet Field at the interchange of Interstate 75 and U.S. 42. Florence recently signed a 30-year lease agreement with the group that will allow it to build the stadium conveyancing sydney cbd.

The city will issue bonds to pay for the land. Two people were injured Sunday evening when their car flipped on Ky. 8 in Villa Hills. The driver was taken to University Hospital, where he was in surgery Sunday night. We provide real estate conveyancing assistant courses online to make property Conveyancing transactions intelligible. The passenger was taken to St. Elizabeth North. Their identities could not be learned. The car, a Chevrolet Cavalier, was eastbound about 5:40 p.m. when it ran off the road, hit a piling and flipped, then righted itself, Villa Hills Police Officer Steve Siereveld said.

The driver was ejected. The passenger, who was wearing a seat belt, was not ejected, Siereveld said. YMCA of Greater Cincinnati today will kick off a campaign to raise $5.3 million for a new branch in Boone Woods Park in Boone County. During a ceremony starting at 4 p.m. at the park, a sign calling for donations will be erected. It will be directed at drivers on Burlington Pike.

Officials hope to reach their goal early next year so they can break ground on the project in the spring. Otherwise, construction will begin as soon as the $5.3 million is raised. YMCA officials want to build a full-service, 35,000-square-foot branch, with indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, gathering areas and administrative offices. Officials say a YMCA branch in Florence is no longer large enough to handle all the needs of the county where the population has surged over the last 20 years. “The YMCA has stepped up, and now it is time for the people of Boone County to invest in our mutual future,” said Herb Booth, chairman of the fund raising campaign.

“This will be a legacy for the future of the area, not just bricks and mortar.” The new branch is part of a deal struck between the YMCA and Boone Fiscal Court earlier this year.

As part of the deal, the county agreed to buy and renovate the <243>YMCA’s Florence and Union branches and turn them into county community centers that will be run by YMCA staff for at least two years. County officials, however, say it is likely they will retain the YMCA staff beyond the two-year period.

How does property value increase the marketability?

Valuation of real estate properties’ is an effective tool to market your property to potential purchasers in Melbourne. A real estate’s fair market value is the price the property ought to anticipate to sell for on an open market, and governments recruit professional property valuers to determine fair market values.

If we look from the perspective of a buyer of property, they consider the property value report and the chartered surveyors report both as a base to reach to a fair conclusion regarding the pay figure. The property value report in itself when calculated by a seasoned registered valuer has the potential to make the property bankable. If at all the first buyer doesn’t somehow be able to afford to pay what a vendor offers as a price of a property in the open fair market, the property valuation report can easily be marketed as a lucrative tool to attract the attention of other potential buyers.

According to the International Valuation Standards Council the property valuation is defined as, “The estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s-length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.”

This valuation foundation represents the present exchange value of the property if it is placed on an identical market as exists today but was placed on that market long enough ago to be correctly marketed and the best price gained as at the valuation date.

A fair valuation of a property by a legitimate and registered valuer makes the property transaction more lucrative for the purchaser who can without a doubt and hesitation buy the property in good faith at an offered price. The price so quoted to the purchaser also assists them in anticipating the worth of their proposed wealth. It also becomes feasible for the lenders, banks or financiers to be able to provide a concrete and safe mortgage or credit against a marketed property on the basis of its property value report.

Placing the property as collateral to avail loan against the same also becomes possible on the basis of the property valuation report. Since a property value Melbourne report takes into consideration not only the physical property structure while valuing but also the entire allied elements as well i.e. furniture’s, fixtures, landscaping, swimming pools etc.

In today’s dynamically altering market conditions, professional advice and good marketing strategy is the key to fast property sale. Therefore the services of a property valuer become of paramount importance to facilitate a fair and appealing property sale.

Useful And Effective Property Marketing Tips

20080801 NIKKOThe primary requisite for successful real estate marketers is to understand the mood of the market properly. It has to be borne in mind that there is always a lot turbulence and volatility in the real estate market. Hence understanding the right timing to purchase and sell properties is something that you should master as early as possible. Selling you properties in the bull phase and buying it in the bear phase is something that you should know thoroughly.

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The importance of real estate agent is something that is often ignored by many real estate businessmen. However successful your real estate business may be, you cannot underestimate the importance of agents. They are extremely well networked and therefore it makes sense to keep them always in your good books to say the least.

It is also vital that you understand the need to have some good lawyers and valuers under our approved list. The role of real estate property valuers and appraisers in particular is of extreme significance, especially when you are planning to buy or sell big properties. You cannot move ahead with the transaction unless you take the help of these professionals.

You should also as a real estate businessman or promoter, realize the importance of knowledge and information. You must research each and every property from the price factor and do a lot of window shopping and even leg work if it is necessary. Even a few thousand dollars difference in prices could make a difference when you are buying properties in big lots.

Advertising your real estate properties effectively is also of paramount importance. You could choose low cost advertisement mediums like the local classified advertisements and also the internet. The internet is a place where many prospects hang around quite long. You should also make use of mobile phone technology and send messages about your properties for sale (of course without disturbing the privacy choices of the mobile phone subscribers).

How To Master The Art Of Marketing Properties

dwoskinResidentialThe biggest reason for failure in property marketing is because of not understanding the dynamics of the business before actually getting in. The real estate market is very fluid and always in a state of flux even in the best of times. Therefore one has to understand the dynamics of the market thoroughly before getting into it. A better option would be to work under an experienced promoter or builder and learn the tricks of the trade before venturing out on your own. You could even get started either as a property valuer or real estate agent before taking the full plunge into the valuation business.

The rules and regulations pertaining to real estate market are different in different cities and towns. Hence, it would be naïve to assume that the same rules are applicable across the board. It is therefore expected of any big or small property developer to be aware of the changes to such rules and regulations which might happen quite often.

As a real estate promoter and builder, you should understand the growing importance of property valuers. Many of us are of the opinion that the only job of real estate valuers is to give reports stating the fair market value of such properties. While this is without any doubt an important function, many valuers are well known for having their ear to the ground. Hence, as a promoter or real estate businessman, you must be in touch with these valuers and try and get useful information from them on a regular basis.

There is also the need to network with banks and financial institutions in your bid to increase your real estate size and portfolio. Banks and lenders not only help you in increasing your real estate business size but also give important feedback about the quality of customers with whom you are dealing. If you are a straight and honest real estate valuer there is no doubt that such information will be very useful.

Using Valuation As A Marketing Tool

Brand-Valuation-ApplicationsWhen you are planning to sell a property you certainly will have your task cut out. However small or big the property might be it is important for you to identify the right customer and also ensure that you are selling it at the right price. Timing is also extremely important and therefore the onus lies on the seller to choose the timing that is perfect in terms of ease of sale and the pricing that he or she will realize from such transaction.

There are a number of other factors that should also be kept in mind while selling a property. identifying the right buyer is perhaps the biggest challenge. Towards this objective it is very important to take the help and assistance of property agents or make extensive use of the internet where lot of sellers would always be looking for quality properties at the right price.

Those who are into buying and selling of real estate properties would understand the importance and significance of property valuers. Many of us often feel that the main role of these professionals is to find out the fair market value of the property in question. While this is no doubt one of the biggest responsibilities they can also be of great use when you are looking for a good price for your property on a sale.

You could renovate your property, make some modifications and pay attention to the garden and backyard. You could also try and make it more environment-friendly and put in some efficient and smart water conservation tools. You could also spend some money and have a good and foolproof rain harvesting system in place. The interiors and exteriors of your home can also be decked up with a new coat of paint. All these improvements/modifications or repair and renewals will not cost you thousands of dollars. By spending a few thousands you will certainly stand a much better chance of getting a very high valuation of the property. This will without any doubt stand you in good stead and will help you to get a much higher price than what you actually might have hoped for.

Hence there is no doubt that hiring the right valuer and trying to find out the various factors that could influence valuation good help you in more ways than one. At the end of the day you should learn to take these legal requirements to your advantage and make the most out of it without falling on the wrong side of the law.

What It Is Take To Be A Successfully Real Estate Valuer

about_us.en_SGGiven the fact that real estate valuation plays an important role in the smooth transfer of ownership from one entity to another, the success levels in property valuation business should have been much higher. But it is not so and over the last few years even established players are finding it very difficult to keep their business running leave alone take it to a higher level success. Hence it would be useful if we found out some effective ways and means by which the new and emerging challenges in real estate valuation are handled.

The biggest challenge with real estate valuation business is the increasing levels of competitions and changing customer buying preferences and methods. The levels of competition were quite high but over the past few years they have become extremely large. We are today in a situation where we have a large number of service providers chasing almost the same number of customers. Hence, unless they are able to get repeat orders from existing customers things could indeed become very tough. Under the above circumstances it is very important for even the experienced valuers to look at ways by which they can acquire new customers.

This is not an easy job and would require them to move away from the comfort zone. Gone are the days when customers used to visit the property valuers premises offering business to them. Today it is the other way round. Valuers have to find out ways and means by which they can reach the customer either in their homes, workplaces or business premises. Hence the onus lies on the service providers to reach as many prospective customers as possible in view of the changed customers tastes and preferences.

When we talk about reaching out to more number of prospects the internet always comes to our mind. So as a starting step it is important to have ones one website which should be followed by looking at avenues for increasing footfalls in these websites. The next important task is to be actively present on social media networking sites where one can expect a lot of younger generation customers. Further, taking membership in chambers of commerce can also be very useful because it will help the valuers to get in touch with banks and financial institutions which contribute a lot of business. Last but not the least, having a community of property valuers can also be very beneficial for giving a new thrust to the business.

Property Marketing In The Internet Age

_74809892_142436428The internet is well and truly changing the way in which business is being done across the world. There are hardly any businesses that do not use the internet at least for marketing activities if not anything else. Hence, if you are today in the real estate market buying and selling of properties, it is important for you to find ways and means by which you can make effective and intelligent use of the internet.

This is highly important because this is where the action will be as far as buying and selling of real estate properties are concerned. As people become busier than ever before and as time becomes a major constraint for most of them, they would look for convenience whenever they are in the need to buy homes or apartments. So, as a property promoter you need to take this fact into account.

While having a website is of extreme importance as far as your foray on the internet is concerned, you must ensure that there is increased traffic to the website. Merely having the best of websites with hardly any traffic in it will not serve any purpose. As a real estate marketer and property developer you must ensure that your website attracts huge traffic on a daily basis.

Towards this objective you must try and make effective use of various internet based marketing activities. Search engine optimization is a time tested and highly effective way to reach out to more number of customers. If your website ranks high in the search engine rankings then it is quite likely that your website will certainly have more footfalls in it. This will over a period of time translate into better business.

Additionally you must also participate in web based competitions and event which are becoming very popular these days. These competitions help your website to reach more number of prospective customers and over a period of time this could translate into prospective leads and business opportunities. Being a member of a reputed chamber of commerce is also something that you should always keep in mind. This will help you to get in touch with banks and financial institutions who could help in your property business. Last but not the least, you must try and diversify your business and look into the possibility of taking up property valuation as a extension to your main business. This will help you to cross-sell your properties to those who come to your for property valuation.

How To Move To Higher Levels In Property Marketing Business

multichannel-marketingMarketing Channels for RecruitmentIn spite of increased levels of competition there is no doubt that there is still a lot of opportunities to make good money in the real estate marketing business. However, one has to understand the changing dynamics in the ground and redefine their business models and methods accordingly. The way customers see a product or service and the way buying decisions are made are changing quite rapidly and this factor has to be kept in mind while marketing properties. Spending thousands of dollars on various ways of advertising may yield only limited results. Hence it is important for property developers and marketers to find out other ways and means by which they can reach out to more numbers of customers. Towards this objective it would be pertinent to mention here that building a network of real estate agents and offering them attractive commissions is a time tested and extremely effective way of reaching out to more number of customers.

The next important part that should be kept in mind is to understand the importance of adding more and more value to customers. Since the real estate market is extremely crowded there is bound to be price cutting and other not so ethical ways and means to reach out to more number of customers. Pricing reduction can be possible only to a certain extent beyond which it is bound to become unprofitable. Under such situations it is better to look at other ways and means by which one can add more value to customers.

A good example is to offer some additional service to buyers which will help perceive an increased value to the customers. This is perhaps the reason why many valuers offer free property valuation and conveyancing to their customers. This is a very complicated and expensive service. When this is available free of cost to customers, it certainly goes a long way to perceive a lot of value addition. Valuation of properties is extremely important process without which it would not be possible for transfer of properties from one entity to another. Under such circumstances when this offer free of cost to customers it certainly goes a long way in making customers happy. As a property marketer, you can go a step further and even offer online valuation. This certainly will be an icing on the cake and you can be certain that you will have quite a few new customers flocking your way.

How To Successfully Market Your Real Estate Properties

invest-in-real-estateThough the real estate construction activity is on the upswing again both for residential and commercial properties, when it comes to the number of people who are successful, it still continues to be quite low. If we look around the various properties that are being constructed you will find that most of the builders and promoter are the same faces and same names. New entrants, especially into the big league are very few and far between. This certainly indicates that many young, ambitious and highly aspiring real estate property developers are not able to make much headway. Apart from competition there are other factors also at play. Under the above circumstances it is very important for the small and medium scale property developers and promoters to find out new ways and means by which they can take their business to higher levels of success.

However, this is easier said than done and calls for thinking out of the box and adopting new techniques and strategies. Modern day customers whether they are buying any product or service always looks for value that perceivably should be more than the price that they are paying for it. Therefore if you are looking to build more networks and bring in new prospects, a as a real estate promoter explain that you are adding much more value to the customers than the price that they are paying. The value could be in type or in the form of services. It is therefore quite common for promoters to offer free maintenance of properties amongst other things.

It is also now becoming very common for many property valuers perth owners and promoter to offer free property valuation facilities to their customers. This is a big service because today property valuation is a very important aspect of any real estate buying and selling. The cost of appointing a professional valuer is also quite high and therefore if the same is offered free of charge to the customers it will certainly be a big value addition to them. Additionally, property owners could also help in many other ways to add value to customers. Another simple example that comes to the mind is offering some furniture and fixtures free of cost to their customers.

How To Market Your Property Effectively

listing_syndicationWhile there is little doubt that there is lot of money to be made buying and selling of properties, it also involves lot of risk and stress. It involves putting in millions of dollars and playing a waiting game till such time the investment becomes a property. The whole process could take months and even years in many cases. In the interim period there could be dozens of hurdles along the way. As an ambitious property developer one should learn to take these obstacles and challenges in your stride and look only towards the final objective. Here are a few important tips that must be kept in mind when going in for a property development or property building and selling.

First and foremost, identifying the right property is extremely important. If you are a property developer and are into buying of lands and developing them into residential or commercial properties then the task of identifying the right land for such property development is of paramount importance. Even for the most experienced property developers it would be difficult to get a fix on the fair market value of the land unless they take the help and assistances of professional valuers. Valuers have a very important role to play and they help property developers to buy and sell the right property. Apart from helping them with the correct valuation report of the properties in question, they also play an important role in many other ways. The subjective report that is a part of any valuation report also helps the promoter to have more information about the infrastructure development in the area, the availability of amenities and facilities and other such important and pertinent information.

Apart from taking the help of right professionals it is also important for property developers to develop networks and improve relationships with various stake holders. They should in particular have excellent working relationships with banks and financial institutions for obvious reasons. It would be pertinent to point out here that banks have a big role to play as far sanction of loans are concerned and some big customers often approach banks for information on upcoming housing projects and plans. Apart from the above, ambitious property developers should also know ways and means by which they can harness the power and reach of the internet for bringing in new customers and retaining existing ones.

How To Market Property Effectively

House Symbol And 3d Character Showing Real EstateThough there could be scores of real estate promoters and marketers who could be out there, when it comes to successfully running the business, there could only be a few of them. It would not be a bad idea to try and find out the reasons for success of a few so that the same can be replicated for others too. To begin with as far as success formula in the real estate property market is concerned, there are no such ready made formulas for success. As is the case with other businesses, the basics remain the same. There is no substitute for hard work, perseverance and focus towards improving customer delight and satisfaction

However, it would not be a bad idea to look at changing customer tastes and preferences. The customer of today is not the same as he was some 15 or 20 years ago. Quite a few things have changed and one thing for certain is driving this change. It is the internet and mobile phone technology which certainly is giving new direction to the way customers look for products and services. When it comes to real estate products and services too customers are becoming very choosy and there is nothing such as brand loyalty out there in the real estate market place. It is therefore very important for real estate property promoters and owners to find out ways and means by which they can add value to their customers. If they are able to do it, they will be in better position to rope in more customers and move from one level of success to another.

Hence today many real estate builders and promoters are offering freebies to their customers. It is now becoming a common practice for many such builders to offer free valuation to their customers. There is no doubt that valuation is a very important part of any real estate buying and selling transaction. Hence, if they are able to offer this as an additional service to their customers it certainly will go a long way in bringing in more customers to their fold. However, it  is important to ensure that the quality of services that is being offered is of the highest quality. In fact offering such free valuation will also help bring in new valuation prospects from other places too.