Useful And Effective Property Marketing Tips

20080801 NIKKOThe primary requisite for successful real estate marketers is to understand the mood of the market properly. It has to be borne in mind that there is always a lot turbulence and volatility in the real estate market. Hence understanding the right timing to purchase and sell properties is something that you should master as early as possible. Selling you properties in the bull phase and buying it in the bear phase is something that you should know thoroughly.

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The importance of real estate agent is something that is often ignored by many real estate businessmen. However successful your real estate business may be, you cannot underestimate the importance of agents. They are extremely well networked and therefore it makes sense to keep them always in your good books to say the least.

It is also vital that you understand the need to have some good lawyers and valuers under our approved list. The role of real estate property valuers and appraisers in particular is of extreme significance, especially when you are planning to buy or sell big properties. You cannot move ahead with the transaction unless you take the help of these professionals.

You should also as a real estate businessman or promoter, realize the importance of knowledge and information. You must research each and every property from the price factor and do a lot of window shopping and even leg work if it is necessary. Even a few thousand dollars difference in prices could make a difference when you are buying properties in big lots.

Advertising your real estate properties effectively is also of paramount importance. You could choose low cost advertisement mediums like the local classified advertisements and also the internet. The internet is a place where many prospects hang around quite long. You should also make use of mobile phone technology and send messages about your properties for sale (of course without disturbing the privacy choices of the mobile phone subscribers).

How To Master The Art Of Marketing Properties

dwoskinResidentialThe biggest reason for failure in property marketing is because of not understanding the dynamics of the business before actually getting in. The real estate market is very fluid and always in a state of flux even in the best of times. Therefore one has to understand the dynamics of the market thoroughly before getting into it. A better option would be to work under an experienced promoter or builder and learn the tricks of the trade before venturing out on your own. You could even get started either as a property valuer or real estate agent before taking the full plunge into the valuation business.

The rules and regulations pertaining to real estate market are different in different cities and towns. Hence, it would be naïve to assume that the same rules are applicable across the board. It is therefore expected of any big or small property developer to be aware of the changes to such rules and regulations which might happen quite often.

As a real estate promoter and builder, you should understand the growing importance of property valuers. Many of us are of the opinion that the only job of real estate valuers is to give reports stating the fair market value of such properties. While this is without any doubt an important function, many valuers are well known for having their ear to the ground. Hence, as a promoter or real estate businessman, you must be in touch with these valuers and try and get useful information from them on a regular basis.

There is also the need to network with banks and financial institutions in your bid to increase your real estate size and portfolio. Banks and lenders not only help you in increasing your real estate business size but also give important feedback about the quality of customers with whom you are dealing. If you are a straight and honest real estate valuer there is no doubt that such information will be very useful.

How To Market Your Property Effectively

listing_syndicationWhile there is little doubt that there is lot of money to be made buying and selling of properties, it also involves lot of risk and stress. It involves putting in millions of dollars and playing a waiting game till such time the investment becomes a property. The whole process could take months and even years in many cases. In the interim period there could be dozens of hurdles along the way. As an ambitious property developer one should learn to take these obstacles and challenges in your stride and look only towards the final objective. Here are a few important tips that must be kept in mind when going in for a property development or property building and selling.

First and foremost, identifying the right property is extremely important. If you are a property developer and are into buying of lands and developing them into residential or commercial properties then the task of identifying the right land for such property development is of paramount importance. Even for the most experienced property developers it would be difficult to get a fix on the fair market value of the land unless they take the help and assistances of professional valuers. Valuers have a very important role to play and they help property developers to buy and sell the right property. Apart from helping them with the correct valuation report of the properties in question, they also play an important role in many other ways. The subjective report that is a part of any valuation report also helps the promoter to have more information about the infrastructure development in the area, the availability of amenities and facilities and other such important and pertinent information.

Apart from taking the help of right professionals it is also important for property developers to develop networks and improve relationships with various stake holders. They should in particular have excellent working relationships with banks and financial institutions for obvious reasons. It would be pertinent to point out here that banks have a big role to play as far sanction of loans are concerned and some big customers often approach banks for information on upcoming housing projects and plans. Apart from the above, ambitious property developers should also know ways and means by which they can harness the power and reach of the internet for bringing in new customers and retaining existing ones.

How To Market Property Effectively

House Symbol And 3d Character Showing Real EstateThough there could be scores of real estate promoters and marketers who could be out there, when it comes to successfully running the business, there could only be a few of them. It would not be a bad idea to try and find out the reasons for success of a few so that the same can be replicated for others too. To begin with as far as success formula in the real estate property market is concerned, there are no such ready made formulas for success. As is the case with other businesses, the basics remain the same. There is no substitute for hard work, perseverance and focus towards improving customer delight and satisfaction

However, it would not be a bad idea to look at changing customer tastes and preferences. The customer of today is not the same as he was some 15 or 20 years ago. Quite a few things have changed and one thing for certain is driving this change. It is the internet and mobile phone technology which certainly is giving new direction to the way customers look for products and services. When it comes to real estate products and services too customers are becoming very choosy and there is nothing such as brand loyalty out there in the real estate market place. It is therefore very important for real estate property promoters and owners to find out ways and means by which they can add value to their customers. If they are able to do it, they will be in better position to rope in more customers and move from one level of success to another.

Hence today many real estate builders and promoters are offering freebies to their customers. It is now becoming a common practice for many such builders to offer free valuation to their customers. There is no doubt that valuation is a very important part of any real estate buying and selling transaction. Hence, if they are able to offer this as an additional service to their customers it certainly will go a long way in bringing in more customers to their fold. However, it  is important to ensure that the quality of services that is being offered is of the highest quality. In fact offering such free valuation will also help bring in new valuation prospects from other places too.

How To Market Property In Today’s Competitive Scenario

ci_cycleThere is little doubt that like all other businesses, there also has been an increase in competition in real estate industry too. Selling a real estate property is not the same as it was some decades or even a few years ago. On the one hand there is the increased competition and on other end of the spectrum one can see increased uncertainty in the real estate market. Under such situation the best way forward is to find out ways and means by which one can preempt the competition and move forward in the matter. Here are few useful tips that could help real estate sellers to take on competition successfully.

As a starting point, understanding customers changing needs and preferences is extremely important. Unless this happens it would be very difficult to sell more to customer and to sell to more customers. As a real estate promoter and marketer one should understand that it is always better to retain existing customers than running after new ones. It would be a much easier job to get references from existing customers rather than looking for new ones in the bushes.

Any good and ambitious real estate marketer should also make good use of the internet and other mediums. This is very important because this is where most of the modern day customers are busy looking up information. If you are a real estate company looking for new customers then there is no doubt that the internet is the best place where you can aspire to find quite a few new leads. It is without any doubt one of the most effective low cost advertising.

Taking the help of professionals who are attached with the real estate business is also one more way by which one can aspire to grow their business to higher levels of success. For example, valuers good play a big role in giving new references. Also, when you are building your own real estate properties for marketing, you could ensure that they have a positive report from the valuers by adhering to certain small tips and suggestions that they often keep offering. This will without any doubt play a big role in helping you to move from one level of success to another. Many leads also land at the tables of property valuers and you should know how to make use of the same.

How To Market Property Effectively

PF-property_1380204cThe first and foremost thing that a real estate promoter and marketer should keep in mind is to ensure that his business is built on sound principles and foundations. These principles and foundations are the same irrespective of time and should not be short-changed under any circumstances. Simple things like being honest and transparent in the dealings and taking efforts to completely focus on customer excellence are attributes which go a long way in differentiating the good from the not-so-good.

There is also the need to be ready for the long haul as far as property business is concerned. There cannot be any short routes for success in this business and therefore it must always be looked at from the long term. Perseverance and patience are again two more important characteristics of those property owners who would like to build a thriving and growing business.

As mentioned above, the need to embrace technology to your advantage is something that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. For example, having a website for your real estate business might not have looked very essential a few years back. However, this is now becoming extremely important. Apart from having a website it is also very important to ensure that you are also actively present in the various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Last but not the least, adding value to customer apart from merely helping him to buy a property is also something that is now becoming very important. That is perhaps the reason why many real estate promoters and builders are also offering valuation as a part of their services. As you must be aware, valuing a real estate property is very important whenever there is a need to buy or sell it. Hence, if this service is offered by the promoters themselves, it goes a long way in making the customers happy because they see a distinct value add being available to them.

How To Market Real Estate Properties Effectively

selling-home-sequence-w-photoThere are many ways and means by which one can find out better avenues for marketing real estate properties even in the toughest of market situations. The most important requisite for successfully marketing real estate properties is to network with as many stakeholders as possible. Whether it is with real estate agents, banks and financial institutions or even other services providers like real estate lawyers and real estate valuers, there is no doubt that getting to know as many people as possible is very important. This is the secret for success of real estate business. Additionally there is no doubt that some well thought out advertising also works but one cannot be sure whether advertisements alone can drive business.

Having a website of your own and being present quite aggressively on the internet is one more way of reaching out to new prospects and customers. Today the internet is the place where all action is. It is therefore very important to understand changing customer behaviors and patterns and even when it comes to expensive real estate buying and selling, there is no doubt that it has a big and significant role to play.

Adding value to customers apart from merely offering them services pertaining to buying and selling of properties, it would be better if as a property developer one could think of something else too. Hence it is now becoming very common for real estate property developers to find out ways and means by which they can add value to their customers. This is done in many ways and today quite a few real estate developers and promoters also are into valuation of properties. This is an important area of any real estate buying and selling process. Therefore when these services are offered to customers the find lot of use in it and have better chances to buy properties from such developers. However, this has to be done after careful consideration and after setting all the requirements in place.

Marketing Properties Successfully – Useful Tips

469 Patrick AveAt the end of the day, customers will buy real estate properties provided they are able to find value in the entire transaction. By transaction, we do not mean the price of the property alone. It goes much beyond that and it is about honing and developing relationships. The customer should feel comfortable dealing with promoters and builders and find value additions which may not be available with others. For example, instead of just quoting a price for the property, a developer or a promoter would do better to rope in banks and financial institutions also. This will help customers to find out avenues for funding of such expensive real estate projects. Bringing the lender to the doorstep of the borrower is something that will certainly add value to the customers.

Valuation is also another important component of any real estate property transaction. Hence, if you are a proactive builder or promoter, you should have a list of approved valuers in your fold. Alternately, you could go a step further and become a valuer yourself. This will certainly add a lot of value and bring you closer to the customer. You could also help customers with the latest information about the real estate industry the various projects that are coming up, tips on buying and selling of properties, interior decoration ideas and so on. There is no doubt all these will certainly make the customer more interested and more inclined to deal with you rather than move to somebody else. Last but not the least, price is an important consideration and as a promoter you should always keep in mind the need to increase volumes rather than making money by margins alone.

Tips On Successfully Market Properties

comparable-currently-on-marketWhenever you take a property to the market for selling it, you have to first understand that you are not the only one out there in the market place. It is a crowded place, and it is quite possible that you could have dozens or even scores of competitors. Hence, you should be in a position to handle such stiff competition. This will be possible only when you are able to find out ways and means to outsmart your competitors.

There are quite a few ways by which you can do it and you need to understand something about property marketing research. You must understand what the customers want and only then go with your offer. You should know how to segment the customers and this when done properly will enable you to approach the right customers. For example if you are looking to see a villa in a place outside the city, there is no point looking for such customers from a segment who are basically on the lookout for apartments right in the middle of the city.

The net important aspect of property market research is to have a clear idea about the value of your own property and other properties that are up for sale in the market. While taking the help of the internet, print media and also the electronic media could help you to a certain extent, the best professionals who can help you on this is without doubt a good property valuer.

Hiring a good valuer can serve many purposes. He will certainly go in the full details of the property that you are planning to sell and come out with the right valuation report, which will have both subjective and objective elements to it. Additionally, he also will have a look at the value of similar properties in the neighborhood which will be a boon to you as far as taking a decision about the buying or selling of such property is concerned.

Last but not the least taking inputs from the market and comparing the same with the valuer’s reports is also considered by many to be a good property market research exercise which can yield good results.