Biohazard Cleanup


While most of us would like to think we are more than capable of handling a crime scene with just a bucket, mop, and jug of bleach, the truth is that cleaning a scene where blood, bodily fluids, hazardous materials, chemicals, and gases have been exposed is better left to professional biohazard cleanup companies with the right equipment, training, and know-how. In fact, attempting to handle a situation involving potential biohazards without the proper crime scene cleanup supplies can lead to further trauma for the people involved.

What is another word for biohazard cleanup?

Typical scenes that require biohazard cleanup include crime scenes, unattended deaths, and hoarding situations. Additionally, animal waste (feces, urine) is a common biohazard that can pose health risks, and disease outbreaks, such as COVID-19 or Hepatitis C, also need to be cleaned up by professionals.

Bio-One services professionals work to safely and effectively clean up contaminated areas while respecting the privacy of those affected by the traumatic event. They start by identifying the area and determining its scope, then creating a plan for remediation. They may set up a control room to manage safe entry and exit from the site, and they use the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), such as respirators, face masks, disposable gloves, and gowns.

Besides blood, other biohazards that need to be cleaned and disinfected are animal waste, human sewage, industrial chemicals, fungus spores, and mold. For these, professionals will follow EPA or OSHA guidelines for disposal. Often, porous items, such as carpeting and flooring, are removed from the site and incinerated, and non-porous surfaces may be scrubbed, vacuumed, and disinfected.

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