Getting Your LLQP License

hllqp license

In the financial management industry, being able to care for all of a client’s needs is key. The ahllqp license allows a professional to offer a suite of life insurance-based solutions they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and is the first step in becoming an integral part of a client’s plan for their future.

Life insurance licensing in Canada operates at the provincial level, and individual jurisdictions have different requirements for who can sell life insurance. However, all of the provinces have adopted the same license exam instructional content or curriculum. As a result, you may hear the term “hllqp license” used to refer to all of the common courses, textbooks and exams that must be completed before you can become licensed.

Tips and Tricks for Success: Achieving Your LLQP License in Ontario

When you enroll with an hllqp provider, you will be required to create a profile with the Canadian Insurance Producer Registry (CIPR). This is free and will serve as your LLQP identification number that must match your legal name on your government-issued photo ID. Once you pass your final LLQP module certification exam with your course provider, they will record this achievement on CIPR and then allow you to book your provincial licensing exam session.

Each of the four provincial LLQP licensing examinations are offered by Durham College in Ontario and consist of 30 multiple choice questions each. They are administered individually, and students have 75 minutes per exam to complete them. In addition, all LLQP licensing examinations require you to have an approved sponsor in place before you can write them.

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