IPQS Account Takeover Software Detects Account Takeover Fraud

IPQS account takeover software

IPQS account takeover software is an increasingly common form of identity theft and fraud, with a CNP report revealing that ATO and credential stuffing accounted for 33% of total fraud losses in 2017. While IT and HR departments are most often targeted, any business that handles sensitive data or financial information should be aware of the threat.

ATO fraud is a costly and damaging attack on an organization’s reputation and brand image. It can result in fraudulent transactions, purchases of goods through a compromised e-commerce account, and other forms of fraud.

Protect your users against credential stuffing and other ATO attacks with IPQS’ account takeover software! Automate ATO detection with real-time API requests each time an unrecognized user attempts to login. Advanced device behavior patterns also help prevent credential stuffing, making IPQS the perfect choice for protecting your customers’ accounts against ATO and other fraud attacks.

How IPQS Account Takeover Software Can Help Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Online businesses struggle with bot traffic and abuse due to bots, emulators, and fake devices. These malicious users can steal account details, sell stolen products and services, or even launch ransom attacks against their victims.

The best solution is complete bot protection that uses a combination of blacklists, honeypots, and traps, forensic analysis, and machine learning to ensure you get the highest fraud detection rates in the industry. With leading bot detection, you can eliminate high risk users & payments, stop abuse & chargebacks, and successfully grow your business without interruptions.

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