Kettlebell Workouts For Stomach Strength

kettlebell workouts for stomach

If you’re looking for a challenging way to tone and define your abs, consider adding kettlebell workouts for stomach into your routine. These HIIT-style exercises elevate your heart rate, improve your strength endurance, and burn fat — making them a great addition to any fitness program!

The Windmill

This exercise engages your entire core while you’re holding a kettlebell skyward in the rack position. It also challenges your stabilizer muscles in the shoulders and arms.

Kettlebell Core Workouts: The Secret to Strong Abs

The Swing

This lateral movement is one of the best abdominal exercises because it works your lats and obliques. You’ll need to use your core strength to brake at the top of this exercise, but it’s a great challenge for your midsection and will help you achieve visible abs.

Lateral Swing

To perform this exercise, you’ll need a kettlebell that’s at least a 6-kg weight or heavier. Start off light and work your way up to heavier resistance as you master the movement and your form.


This is another great abs exercise because it targets the obliques and lats. You can perform this exercise on its own or as part of a circuit training session.

Side Plank

This seated exercise is an excellent abdominal workout that can be done without putting too much strain on the lower back. You can perform it alone or with a partner, as long as you’re both keeping your body stable.

The Leg Raise

This is a simple yet effective exercise that helps to strengthen your abs and obliques. It requires a kettlebell that’s at least 6kg or heavier and good core strength to complete the move.

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