Rainbow Crossing Design

rainbow crossing design

The rainbow crossing is a great way to make sure everyone can be seen when they cross the road. It has strong links to the LGBTQIA community but it has also been used as a thank you for emergency staff during the Covid pandemic. Go here https://creativecrosswalks.co.uk/

Designed to be visible on CCTV, the colourful crossing reflects the diversity of our workforce at RAF Brize Norton. It was officially unveiled on March 31 which is Transgender Visibility Day. The idea for the crossing came from a member of staff at the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and was painted by Best Impressions, a local company based in Lambeth.

Rainbow Crossings Around the World: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Equality and Diversity

A rainbow crossing can be painted in a number of different ways and the design is usually based on the colours of the Pride Flag. These are the same colours as the rainbow and include red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The flag was first designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker and included pink and turquoise before the current six stripes were added following the assassination of San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk in November of that year.

Auckland (New Zealand)

Auckland Transport is set to install the country’s first rainbow crossing on Karangahape Road, in front of St Kevin’s Arcade. The crossing is expected to be installed in time for the city’s Pride festivities and will be based on the colours of the Progress Pride Flag, which incorporates five-coloured chevrons on the original rainbow flag to emphasise diversity and progression.

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