How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description That Sells

How to Write a Real Estate Listing Description that Sells

When writing a real estate listing description, make sure to highlight its best features. This includes a home’s square footage, the area’s school system and other amenities. It is also important to address any potential objections a buyer may have. However, remember to avoid flowery language. Listing descriptions should be straightforward and accurate.

For instance, don’t write “cozy” or “small”. Instead, explain why a home is cozy and small. If you want to get serious investors to visit your property, you need to give them the facts.

Include a number of well-lit photos of the whole property. Make use of professional photography. The key is to choose words that are memorable and complete the visual impact of the listing’s photos.

In addition to the obvious, include a call to action. The right call to action can make a difference between a listing that fails and one that sells. Including an email address and a telephone number is a good way to close a sale.

A listing’s headline is often overlooked, but it sets the tone for the entire ad. A strong headline can pique interest and encourage a buyer to continue reading. Avoid overly complex ad copy that gets lost in the crowd.

While writing the MLS description, you’ll need to pay special attention to the most important aspects of your listing. One of the most effective ways to attract buyers is to describe your property with the appropriate adjectives. These can range from luxurious to landscaped, and can include amenities such as granite countertops or new windows. They can also help you to get a better offer.

Another trick is to mention the property’s status symbol. Many people purchase a house because of the neighborhood. If you have a high-end or millionaire’s entrepreneur on your list, address this as a concern. Likewise, if your home is in a prestigious neighborhood, discuss its schools. You might even include a shaded backyard for those summer days.

Lastly, consider including a summary. There are many ways to end a description, but it should be short and sweet. Write about 150 to 200 words on the property room by room. Ideally, your summary will cover all the main points discussed in this article.

Creating an interesting real estate listing description can be difficult, but it is well worth the effort. Ultimately, it is a great opportunity to show off your creative side. By following the tips above, you’ll be on your way to a successful listing.

To keep your writing from veering into the weeds, remember to focus on the most important details. A solid headline, a well-thought out description, and a call to action are a winning recipe for real estate success. Be sure to practice your editing skills and ask a colleague to proofread your work. Once you have it all down, you can expand your MLS description in your marketing materials and social media posts.

Lastly, remember to get the seller’s sign-off before posting your ad. The seller is likely to have a much different perspective on the home than you have, and will read your ad more carefully than anyone.

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