Shrooms Canada – Fighting For a Legal Market

As the psychedelic Shrooms Canada industry grows in Canada, many enthusiasts see legalization as inevitable. But it’s a slow process and some people are fighting to keep psilocybin from making the transition from underground to legitimate.

The gray exterior of Dana Larsen’s Vancouver shop belies the mosaic of psychedelia inside. Despite the illegal status of his business, the fungus purveyor has a steady stream of customers. It’s a sign that people still want access to psilocybin, even in the wake of the opioid crisis.

Jesse Merks was desperate to get well when he took his first large dose of magic mushrooms in 2021. His addictions counselor encouraged him to seek a federal exemption that would allow him to use the hallucinogenic drug for treatment of his life-threatening condition, PTSD. But the government denied his request.

From Forest to Table: The Journey of Shrooms in Canada”

Now, Merks has a new reason to be hopeful: a lawsuit that could help bring about a legalized market for shrooms and other drugs like LSD. The case, brought by lawyers for a chain of dispensaries known as Fun Guyz, claims that the prohibition on psilocybin violates freedom of expression and other rights guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Police have raided a number of Fun Guyz stores, but they’ve never made a dent in the underground market. They say they’re focused on bigger issues like organized crime and the fentanyl crisis, which is why it may be tough to force a crackdown on these shops. Some experts say the presence of these dispensaries actually helps to decriminalize the drug because it normalizes psilocybin as a legitimate option for healing. But Eugene Oscapella, a lawyer who specializes in drug policy, says it depends on the mood of the local police department as to whether they pursue these cases.

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