What Is Sports Wear?

Sports wear is a broad category of clothing for a variety of activities and sports. Generally, it is loosely defined as clothing that combines comfort and style with the performance characteristics required for specific types of activities.

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There are many different kinds of clothing that fall into this category including: soccer jerseys, jogging pants, tennis shorts, yoga leggings and workout dresses. Some of the more common fabrics used in sports wear include cotton, polyester and spandex.

Spandex is a material that is highly elastic and comfortable for movements. It can stretch up to 100 times its original size making it ideal for sportswear. It is also known to be breathable and absorbs sweat quickly so you don’t get overheated when exercising or playing sports. Fleece is another type of fabric that is popular in sports wear because it does not fray and it is soft on the skin. It is often used for track suits, hoodies and zip tops because it does not get wrinkled easily.

Mesh is also another type of fabric that is commonly used in sports wear because it allows air to circulate and reach the skin. It can also be layered over other materials to create more comfortable and stylish pieces of clothing.

Sportswear has changed the way we dress for all kinds of events. It is no longer just a casual look for those who play sports but has become something of a staple of high street fashion.

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